Strawberry cotton candy
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Strawberry cotton candy

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Source: http://rboz.tumblr.com/image/92989942581
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Source: http://rboz.tumblr.com/image/92989942581

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Art by astasso

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I remember this one time I was reading Fairy Tail


My mom was sitting near me and the one time she turned and caught a glimpse of my screen, this is what she saw


So now I am sure she thinks I read hentai manga or whatever even though I tried to explain to her that it was just a hot day and Little Lucy was trying to cool off.

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Barto being fanboy to the max!

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Fairy Tail theory


I know everyone thinks Natsu is a demon but what if the demon is actually Igneel, and gray will have to kill Natsu’s dad and what hade’s meant by Natsu deciding is that Natsu finally letting go of his past and allowing gray to kill Igneel? Food for thought.

Oh god please no… That would destroy my poor heart.

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Anonymous sent: Imagine a One Piece villain with logia powers except their element was piss.


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